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International Exhibition of Photography
"Environmental Issues"
With the rising concerns over environmental protection and conservation, the theme 
ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES in Photojournalism, 
is our way of bringing a bit of real life back to photography.
In Photojournalism---
Environmental Issues are what is really happening right now. How are people dealing with issues such as clean air and air quality, safe and reliable drinking water, and protection and pesticides?
"Thoughts & Ideas to help you get started"
Human Health is affected by environmental and technological factors including air and water-borne diseases due to exposures and toxic doses.

1.Nuclear Power
4.Tobacco Smoke
5.Hazardous Waste

Natures Goods and Services are reflected in a healthy ecosystem. The life-sustaining benefits that we receive from nature such as fertile soil and pollination for crops are often taken for granted as being free.

1.Bee Population & Pollination
2.Rain Forest Intrusion
3.Organic Fertilizers vs. Chemicals

Renewable Energy is becoming a household word.

1.Going Green
2.Alternative Fuel
3.Auto Industry
4.Energy Efficient
5.Solar Power
6.Wind Generator

Urban Intrusion and development have been a cause of endangered species. Wildlife refuges attempt to protect endangered species, migratory birds, plants, and other animals.

1.Wildlife Refuges & Protected Areas
2.Endangered Species

The Environmental Effects of mining such as strip mining and surface mining inevitably disturbs the land.  Without rehabilitation, mining can leave a scar effecting wildlife and create flooding problems and erosion.

1.Mine Reclamation
2.Abandoned Mines
3.Strip Mines
5.Erosion & Erosion Control
6.Industrial Mining Equipment